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“Always work out the cost of getting it wrong – before you compare it to the costs that go with producing a quality product!”

Business Systems a must…

By putting systems in place as you establish and develop your business, you build the scaffolding needed to support your team and your vision every day.
These systems assist your business to withstand the impact of outside influences.
Your systems must be kept current and therefore must be reviewed and adjusted to reflect change.
Does your business have systems in place? Have you taken the step to prepare policy and procedure documents as your “Business Go To Books”?

Sometimes you have to pay for external help…

Businesses often hit “a wall” at some point in their development.
Sometimes this wall is low and able to be ‘pushed over’ by reviewing strategies and changing course!
Sometimes it is solid brick. You can’t see through it, you can’t see over it and you can’t see around it!
Sometimes it is tough glass – you can see through it to where you want to be, but you are still blocked!
This may be a good time to seek out help from an external source. Paying for sound, relevant and practical advice may be the way to remove these blocks and continue to grow your business. Sometimes you have to hire people who know what you don’t!

Encourage others…

Encourage your business team to think like entrepreneurs.
Encourage your children to think like an entrepreneur.
If you demonstrate good values and adhere to the basic rules of good business, your team and your children will develop sound personal and business ethics.

Other things to think about…

-> Stand out from the crowd – for all the right reasons!
-> Control your finances – check your Cash Flow lots!
-> Never lose sight of the fun and excitement that business brings!
-> Always keep your eye on the big picture and stay focused!

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