"Reach Your Business Potential"

Our experienced team focuses on your individual and business needs.

Chews Place Consulting

Training for New & Developing Businesses

Chew’s Place Consulting (CPC) understands what is needed to get started in Business.

New Businesses are exciting and hard work. Sometimes you just need someone to help you sort through the steps. That is where Chew’s Place can help.

The CPC Team has worked with individuals, business teams and workshop groups.

The CPC Team has many years of experience in the delivering the Business Basics through a variety of training programs for both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people and communities.

CPC will walk beside you and your team as you develop your Business Concept and the Strategies and Planning needed to achieve them.

CPC can also work with existing businesses to review their current situation and to develop plans for the future. Businesses can engage CPC to review the progress and plan the next stages of their business through updating plans and strategic objectives.

Individual people can engage with Jenni on a personal one-on-one link up to discuss and work through specific elements of their business or to discuss training in a specific skill area.

Business Teams can engage the CPC team to present seminars or workshops to address specific areas that have been identified as needing support or to improve the skills of their team.

CPC can organise business workshops for your community and tailor it to the needs of the group.

The types of training that has been
delivered include:

  • “Business Basics Workshops”
    Work through the basics of starting a small business through investigation of each of the key elements of business and building a strategic plan.

    Three and five-day workshops work well. Great success with Indigenous businesses in 2018 in Townsville and Palm Island.

  • “Computer, Office Administration Skills”
    Upskilling the participants in the use of the basic Computer Programs of Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel and Power Point, emailing, Basic Accounting Programs. Great success with Community Groups.

  • “Soft-Skills Training”
    Workplace ready and employability skill development in general or around specific types of work

  • Business Management Systems

  • Strategic Planning