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Chews Place Consulting

Training in Schools, Colleges & Universities

Chew’s Place Consulting (CPC) is committed to supporting education and about supporting the education and development of young people in our schools and our communities in developing life skills as well as academic abilities.

Young people are the future and the future is uncertain. We must give our young people every opportunity to be ready and to succeed. CPC programs give the young people the opportunity to work towards reaching their potential.

The CPC Team has many years of experience in the Education and Training Sector and hold current Certificate IV in Training & Assessment (TAE 40116) including Adult LNN. CPC has designed and written units of competencies for AILC.

Over many years, CPC has written and delivered various training programs for schools, colleges & universities, as well as Community Groups and their teams.

The key element underpinning these programs is that they provide a platform for our young people to develop self-confidence, self-esteem, self-reliance, teamwork and leadership skills through a ‘hands-on’ situation.

The CPC Team has a range of complete program packages available to groups and individuals, but has also had great success when working with groups to tailor the programs, or create new programs, to meet the specific, identified needs of the participants.

The types of programs that have been delivered include:

  • “Entrepreneurship Experience Program”
    Great program for young people. Works for Secondary School or University, Extra-Curricular Activity or Community Youth Groups.
    Start and finish a micro-business venture. Develop a product, take it to Market, Cost Price, Selling Price, Profits, Marketing, Finance Records and Close it Down! WOW!
  • “Introduction to Entrepreneurship Program”
    Great program for young people. Works for Primary and lower Secondary School as Extra-Curricular Activity or embedded to support curriculum around the essential learnings including LLN. Start and finish a micro-business venture or special activity/ event.
    Maths, English, Language, Communication, Computing, Creative Design.
  • “Work Ready Program”
    Great program for young people which develops those qualities we are all looking for in new and young employees.