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About Chew's Place

The Coach who works alongside you and your team!

By engaging the objective and professional services of CPC, you will have the opportunity to work with someone who will work alongside you and your team to achieve your goals and desired outcomes.

Your Coach from CPC is right there with you when problems arise, so you get extra help right when you need it.

Experience like no other.

Chew’s Place Consulting has extensive experience in working with a wide range of industries from the remote areas of Cape York to the heart of Brisbane.

That means that you will be working with a Coach who has helped clients like you and your business through every challenge that you can imagine.

Training to develop your skills and the skills of your team

CPC doesn’t just work with you to develop your skills. CPC works with your whole to give them the best training that they will need to grow your business far beyond where it is today.

Educational programs for business and entrepreneurs

Chew’s Place Consulting has designed educational programs based on business & entrepreneurship and has run these programs for schools and communities throughout Queensland.

The programs available are suitable for everyone from primary school through to mature age learners and these programs can be tailored to deliver the outcomes you want for your community project.

With so much to offer and so much experience can you afford not to talk to Chew’s Place Consulting?

Discover the benefits that Chew’s Place Consulting can give your business.

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