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Chews Place Consulting

Training in Communities

Chew’s Place Consulting (CPC) is passionate about supporting the people living in our Regional and Remote Communities of Queensland.

People create and build Communities! Communities support their people!

By providing training in communities, CPC gives the people who live and work there, the opportunity to reach their potential.

The CPC Team has a range of complete program packages available to groups and individuals, but has had great success when working with groups to tailor the programs, or create new programs, to meet the specific, identified needs of the participants.

Over many years, CPC has delivered various training programs for Community groups.

CPC has been involved with various Indigenous Business Projects, plus designed and run a range of training workshops as part of our seven years working as part of the Stepping Black Indigenous Corporation Australia (SBICA) Team.

This experience has enabled us build great relationships with both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Communities.

The types of programs that have been delivered include:

  • “Business in a Day”
    A crazy and fun day that highlights the basic key elements of setting up a business.
  • “Entrepreneurship Experience Program”
    Great program for young people. Works for Community Youth Groups.
    Start and finish a micro-business venture. Develop a product, take it to Market, Cost Price, Selling Price, Profits, Marketing, Finance Records and Close it Down! WOW!
  • “Business Basics Workshops”
    Work through the basics of starting a small business through investigation of each of the key elements of business and building a strategic plan. Three and five-day workshops. Great success in 2018 in Townsville and Palm Island.
  • “Computer Skills”
    Upskilling the participants in the use of the basic Computer Programs of Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel and Power Point, emailing, Basic Accounting Programs.
  • “Soft-Skills Training”
    Workplace ready and employability skill development in general or around specific types of work.
  • Work Ready Skills Training
    Workplace ready and employability skill development in general or around specific types of work.