"Reach Your Business Potential"

Our experienced team focuses on your individual and business needs.

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Chew's Place Consultancy Services


Chew’s Place Consulting offers a range of business services which focus
on your business and your individual needs.

Chew’s Place Consultancy services can become a part of your business team.

  • Business Planning
  • Business Team Skills Training
  • Business Support and Coaching
  • Business Process and Procedures Development
  • Business Event Coordination
  • New Business Start-up Support
  • Corporate Team Development Program
  • Workshop Development
  • Governance Training
  • And More . . . .

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Business and Project Planning

Business Planning is a crucial, yet sometimes neglected area of all business development.

As a New Business we generally put a great deal of time and effort into our Business Plan when we first establish ourselves, but then as we get busy in the day-to-day running of the business, we don’t take the time to revisit or re-align our Business Plans.

There are some businesses that have never really formalised their Business Plan.

CPC can assist you in mapping your Business Plan to create a planning document which will assist in developing:

  • Your Vision into Clear Goals;
  • Your Goals into Clear Objectives;
  • Your Strategies to achieve these Goals;
  • Your Time-line for implementation to maintain focus and direction;
  • Your Strategies for monitoring business performance in all areas;
  • Your Systems with Policies and Procedures that provide the infrastructure needed for success.

New Business Start-Up Support

  • Work with Jennifer to take “your business idea” to Business Plan
  • Investigate the viability of your “business concept”
  • Work through the preliminary planning stages with support
  • Use the CPC “Business Start-Up Booklet” to develop your plan

Business Support & Coaching

Having a Business Coach or Personal Mentor can be just what you need to re-energise your passion and reset your path.

Take the time to talk about your vision and journey with an independent and objective third person.

CPC will work with you around your needs.

CPC can work with you to develop the steps needed to:

  • Keep you on track;
  • Un-block the track if your path has come to a stop;
  • Change track or the direction of your path;
  • Create a new track or path to move you and your business forward.
  • Jennifer understands the passion you have for “your own business”.

The CPC Team has the ability and experience to work on an individual and personal level to assist you to refocus your goals. Just by talking with our Team you can ‘verbalize – out aloud’ your concerns, your needs, your business concepts, your frustrations.

Together we can create solutions to ensure you “Reach Your Business Potential”.

Support NDIS Clients & Organisations

The CPC Team has worked with NDIS Clients to improve their skills and to look at opportunities for the establishment of micro-businesses. Our team can work on an individual and personal level to assist clients.

  • Computer Skill Upgrade
  • Micro Business Support
  • Micro Business Start-Up Planning

Business Team Skills Training

People are the ‘Key to Success’!

The people who make up your Business Team need to have the skills to take your business in the direction you have planned.

Often we spend considerable time and money on recruiting team members, but do not spend the required time to complete the next stage of the induction and training process.

Or maybe members of your team require an intense session on one particular aspect of skill development to improve their job performance. We make the process more efficient.

CPC consultancy services can help you identify the needs of individual members of your Business Team. Using Jennifer’s wide range of skills and background in training, CPC may be able to provide the training required to complete the process of up-skilling your team.

Talk to Jennifer to Reach Your Business Team’s Potential.

Business Process & Procedures Development

The processes and systems we put in place underpin all business operations.

These systems are developed to assist your team to understand and deliver the key aspects of your business the way you wish it to be done.

Policy and Procedure Manuals are part of these systems. Does your business have these in place?

CPC can assist by providing:

  • Basic start up operational Policies and Procedures on which to build
  • Personal consultation to assist in the development of customized Policies and Procedures for your business

Business Event Planning & Co-ordination

The CPC Team has the ability and experience to organise, co-ordinate and manage a range of Business Events or Personal Functions.
Jenni is also an experienced MC.

  • Business Breakfasts
  • Business Networking Events
  • Business Seminars
  • Business Training Sessions
  • Conferences
  • Awards or Special Presentation Events
  • Personal Functions

Call Chew's Place Consulting to discuss your event

Corporate Team Development Program

Program Concept . . . . 

  • Training for your corporate team can be tailored to your specific needs
  • The program will be developed to aid in team building by highlighting the inter-dependence of each area of the business on the others
  • Finance links to Marketing – links to HR – links to Logistics – links to Sales – links to . . . .
  • Program would require a minimum of 3-day workshop or equivalent hours spread over a week
  • Cost & workshop hours needed would be negotiated in accordance with proposed program, number of participants, location / venue and desired outcomes