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The CPC Introduction to Entrepreneurship Program

Welcome to this new and exciting program that has been designed by Chew’s Place Consulting Pty Ltd to assist young people to develop their skills and to reach their potential through the hands-on experience of running a small business venture.

The CPC Introduction to Entrepreneurship Program is suitable for:

  • Young People aged 11 years and up, also for Individuals or Groups
  • Alternate Learning Programs
  • Community Programs

The CPC Introduction to Entrepreneurship Program is developed through Four Units:


  • Business Types
  • Business Ideas
  • Products / Services
  • Business Name
  • Customers
  • Venture Capital


  • Business Plan
  • Budgeting
  • People & Positions
  • Role Responsibilities
  • Business Ethics and behaviours
  • Engage any Volunteers as Business Mentors


  • Production Processes
  • Packaging
  • Marketing
  • Selling
  • Customer Service
  • Environmental commitments


  • Financial Records
  • Sales records
  • Reporting
  • Exiting the Business
  • Final Presentation
  • Recognition of Contributors
  • Feedback

For Teams:

  • The ITEP Co-ordinator can design the level of team involvement
  • The ITEP Co-ordinator selects the Unit Topics to be covered and the time-frame for delivery
  • The ITEP Co-ordinator determines the level of knowledge and understanding to suit the group and the desired curriculum outcomes
  • The ITEP Co-ordinator can use Worksheets /Activities as part of the assessment process
    The business venture can be as SIMPLE or as ADVANCED as YOU wish!
    CPC will provide one Resource Booklet plus Forms, Worksheets and Templates per program.

For Individuals:

  • Participants will need to team up with a Mentor/s who will work with them as they develop and run their business venture using the program


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