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Chew’s Place Testimonials

Below you can see testimonials from some of CPC’s satisfied customers:

I was very impressed with Jennifer Chew’s knowledge of business start up, process and procedures to improve Operations as well as Financial Management when I first meet her. After working with her for a while, I came to respect her hands on knowledge of different businesses models and key driving factors to become successful as well as leadership quality required to get the best out of people.

I am confident that Jennifer with her proven systems will be able to assist your start up or put your business back on track.
Fred Roberts - Cafe Destiny
Fred Roberts
Director Café Destiny Pty Ltd
It has been a pleasure to have had the opportunity to work alongside you for the last twelve years on school based business programs and other events. I have always been impressed by the incredibly high level of motivation and the drive you possess. I believe it was these skills that ensured you continually achieved first class end results. I am continually in awe of your willingness to ‘push the boundaries’. It is your creativity that ensured the success that was achieved at all levels within these programs / events.

Your dedication and passion for assisting the young adults of today is refreshing and a pleasure to be part of. The natural organisational skills you display and your ability to contingency plan all situations have been the key to success in all that you do. Thanks to the abilities you possess, all of the Product Launches & Trade Stalls were first class events. Each one was a unique and memorable occasion.
I am confident that Jennifer with her proven systems will be able to assist your start up or put your business back on track.
Sharyn Hansen
“Personally I have learnt more, that’s applicable in the real world, in this course than I have from the majority of the rest of my degree. Collectively as a team we realised that compromises had to be made in order to function as a team effectively and we are all the better for it. Thank you all again for aiding the rest of the team and myself in one of the best educational experiences I have had in my life.”
CEO Eye Inc – 2010 EEP Team UQ, Ipswich

Secondary School Students’ comments . . . . .

“The efforts put in by the team members were remarkable, considering this it was a great learning experience for each member in their fields.”
HR Manager for Green Fingers
“Being in charge of the fiances has given me a better sense of how much it costs to run a business and also a better understanding of finance in general.
It’s a great program to do and helps build friendships and team work. It is fun to get involved in and I would definitely do it again.”
Finance Manager for Green Fingers
“I was a member of the EEP business Green Fingers and very much enjoyed it. This program is ideal for Year 11 students, as it gives them skills necessary to run their own business after they finish school.
Everything was well organised for us to start and everyone in the team had a chance to participate in some way or another.

In the program, we got a lot of experience with finance and learned a lot of independence in planning and participating in events such as the local markets.

It also helped build a stronger social bond with the people we were working with. The EEP is a wonderful experience that all students should consider participating in.”
member of the EEP business Green Fingers
“From taking on the role of Managing Director of our EEP business I have learnt wonderful leadership skills which I will use in my final year of high school. I have strengthened my communication skills and developed a wide range of life skills including communication, team work, and confidence in myself. Plus I have made strong friendship bonds.”
Managing Director of EEP business

Mentor Comments . . . . .

The Entrepreneurship Experience Program provided by Chew’s Place Consulting provides an excellent introduction for young entrepreneurs.

The Program Manual covers all aspects of the program and is very user friendly. If you can’t find it in the manual, you probably haven’t looked hard enough. Support is always available, either by phone or email.

I would highly recommend the program for any school that has budding entrepreneurs.”
Elizabeth Forster
Wynnum State High School

Industry & Business Mentor’s Comments . . . . .

I’m surprised this subject is not considered a core subject. For final year business students, operating a business is the best assessment of team work that I could possibly imagine.

The stress of applying the business knowledge acquired over the previous years of study certainly tests the team and their ability to quickly develop and operate a successful business. Offering this course over a single semester creates additional stress due to the short time-frame but it leads to heightened interaction between participants.

I’ve participated in the course this year through the CPC Entrepreneurship Experience Program with Jennifer Chew. The supporting material has been invaluable in assisting the students to develop the business.
Danny Anderson
Development Officer, Ipswich Regional Centre, DEEDI
“While I am a firm believer that Universities should not be about vocational training, I also believe it is important to learn that the application of thinking often needs to be tempered to work within the confines of outside influences.

This programme is professionally conceived and provides a very authentic ‘real world’ experience in applying the all-round skills needed to be successful in business.

I have seen the students successfully develop from being enthusiastic, but generally independent and undisciplined, to identifying their individual strengths and learning to apply them effectively within a team.

I have seen frustration and some tears from the pressure, but have always been impressed with the team dynamic working to solve issues and turn weakness into strength.

The programme provides invaluable experience for young people in understanding that failure is a ubiquitous reality on the path to success. They learn that carefully designed project business plans often need to drastically change during the critical path to completion and that what can go wrong… often does.

However, win or lose, they are enriched by the experience and I believe will certainly be better equipped to work within a real business environment when they commence their careers.”
Dick Grantley, Adjunct Professor.
Director, Grantley’s Advertising and Direct Marketing Consultancy