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Chews Place Consulting


Chew’s Place Consulting Pty Ltf (AFT) provides the practical, experiential programs that encourage enterprise education through entrepreneurship.

The CPC Entrepreneurship Experience Program provides the practical, experiential training vehicle to implement Certificate Courses in Business.

The program provides the support for most units of competency as well as the medium to incorporate and deliver all aspects of the certificate through practical application.

During the program the group works as a team to:

  • Establish, plan, operate a self-directed business venture
  • Set up a management structure and allocate responsibilities
  • Explore and plan ethical business practices
  • Identify, reseach and evaluate business opportunities that are unique, entrepreneurial, innovative and/or community focused
  • Integrate ICT into all facets of business operation
  • Develop a product or service
  • Embed sustainability principles and practices into all business operations
  • Develop a budget and financial management plan
  • Write a business plan
  • Actively market and sell the product or service
  • Monitor results and if necessary review and improve
  • Produce regular and timely financial statements and reports
  • Reflect on performance and produce an Annual Report
  • Provide a return to investors and may make a donation to a Registered Charity

The CPC Participation Certificate is awarded on completion of the Program

CPC Program provides Product & Public Liability insurance on approved activities